Today, We held English discussion activity "Express Yourself in English !" which is intended to enjoy small talk "Zatsu-Dan" in English, through listening to, talking about and singing a song in English, which lead by Yuko-san, a Jazz singer.
All of you who participated, thank you.

Today's theme song was "L-O-V-E".


"L-O-V-E" is a song recorded by Nat King Cole for his album of the same name " L-O-V-E"  that was Cole's last album, and was released shortly before his death in February 1965. 
It is the love song that is cute in sweet to sing by a plump voice of Nat King Cole. 

The theme of today's discussion was "love".
After pair work about ten questions that Yuko-san prepared for, We made group discussion about the theme;
What is "love" to you? 

Every persons who participated this time were able to express "I love you" obediently.
Is this a wonderful thing, isn't it ?

The next is December 7.
See YOU Next time !